From Kwik Stamped Concrete

In many metropolises around the world, traveling means penetrating the underground universe of cities to discover metro stations that over the years have become real tourist destinations, art galleries or surprising spaces that deserve to be visited or visited. Even if the subway is often a place (or rather a non-place as the French philosopher Marc Augé has taught us ) in which millions of people meet without entering into a relationship, driven above all by the frenzy of accelerating daily operations, many underground stops have been transformed into pieces of architecture, art and history fascinating, able to combine infrastructural needs with the pleasure of culture.

Journey through images and projects
Here is a gallery with the 10 most beautiful metro stations in the world, starting from Europe and reaching Russia, China and America. Installations, works of art, mosaics, colors and settings have transformed the journey on the subway into a pleasant and lively experience; sometimes they constitute a real widespread museum system , an underground art gallery that involves several metro stations in a single project: this is what happens for example in Naples (with the so-called ‘ Metro of the Art of Naples ‘) Stockholm , Munich or Prague.

Tracks, spaces and reality
Different styles, references to the past, projections into the future: in the belly of the big cities the metro stations coalesce a series of experiences in the daily journeys made by the people who frequent them. These places become a space other than the city but they are an integral and pulsating part of it. And as in the cases that we tell you in images, they become a symbol, underground but omnipresent.