How to Look for the Best Designed Compactors

If you go over the market today, you are probably going to find several new designs and features for compacting machines. All of these designs are what companies claim to be the newest and the best in the market. And with the number of it all, you could end up getting confused as to what specific model to get. So if you need assistance, here are a few tips and information on what specific designs you should look for in three wheel or four wheel compactors to assure better performance and work output!

One of the biggest concerns for any compacting machine is the wheels. This is because this is the part of the equipment that is the center of all the work. Wheels are the ones who make the entire equipment mobile and they are the ones who do the grinding and the crushing and the compacting as well. So it is always a good move to focus on the best and the newest wheel designs to make the most out of your investment – especially for garbage and landfill compactors. One of the most famous wheel designs today is the wheels with Pin-on teeth. This design was made to specifically answer the problem of debris getting stuck on the wheels during operations – which cause a painful delay to the work. Thus, they have come up with self a cleaning wheel that has the ability to remove any kind of debris stick in its teeth or wheel crevices. The cleaner your wheels are during the operation, the better it can compact your junk or soil.

Aside from that, another wheel design that is worth mentioning is the tamping wheel tip design. This wheel design has protrusions in them to assure you of better traction and hold. This is especially useful in soil compactors that are often used in uneven or rugged terrain. With this design, you are sure of a better hold on the ground and better stability of your heavy equipment.

And finally, there are high-density steel compaction wheels. A high-density wheel is a feature that will assure you of better compaction per square unit area of garbage, land or soil covered by your compacting machine. Now, this has always been a priority for machine operators because an effective compactor that can effectively compact a squire area of soil or garbage in one single run will save tons of time and money on operations.

So there you have it: all the necessary wheel designs that you should be looking for when buying a compacting machine. Investments like these are always very costly so make sure that you invest in the best possible soil compactor that will not only feature the newest designs and the specs stated above but can also function and stand the rigors or everyday operations; so make quality and design top priority at all times to keep operations going as smooth and as hitch-free as possible!